Favorite Cookbooks

So I have been on a kick with cookbooks recently, I like the tangible books and they look so pretty in my house! I feel like I'm pretty picky with cookbooks since so much is online.  Also, I feel like a lot of the times I have bought cookbooks there's a lot of items I'm not going to make.  They seem pretty far fetched.  So here are some of my favorites, the ones that didn't really pan out and what's on my wishlist! Let me know if you have used any of these! 

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Wellness Mama - When we moved into our first apartment, I bought a few cookbooks to get us started.  I was least excited about this one, and now it turns out it's the one I use most consistently.  The recipes are easy to make, you don't need ridiculous items.  Sometimes I make recipes with gluten when she doesn't have them but overall I feel like I could really make and like 85% of these recipes. 

Real Food Real Simple - I've shared this on my Instagram before, I love this cookbook from my fellow Ohioian. She isn't lying with the real food real simple title.  A lot of these recipes have less than 5 steps.  They are healthy and flavorful.  It also helped me to jump just a little outside of my comfort zone with classics! 

Rarely Use:

Date Night In - I thought this was such a cute idea, but these recipes are ridiculous.  Henry can be a picky eater and really loves bland food, unfortunately.  I will say we've come a long way.  But these 3-course meals just won't ever happen. It's a cute idea to have the meals grouped together by month and make a whole meal but its sorta not practical unless you're making the entire recipes. 

A Year Full of Recipes - Um 365 recipes is a lot, it can be hard to find what you're looking for.  Again sorta like Date Night In, I'm finding I like the recipes to be categorized by meal type not date because the dates dont mean anything to me?

Alton Brown - I grew up on Alton Brown, and "Good Eats".  I was so excited to purchase this cookbook! And I really do like it, the reason it's on the rarely use list is that it's not really an everyday cookbook, even though it says so.  I don't know about you but I don't have liquid nitrogen lying around on a Tuesday to make recipes. 

My Wishlist:

I always thought it was a cute idea to get a newlywed cookbook for Henry and me to cook up a few things when we get married.  I had my eye on this one Newlywed Cookbook but then I saw that Martha Stewart had a version and I think this will be more usable and user-friendly! 

One Pan & Done - I think I would need to inspect this one.  But I love recipes that are just one pan.  Makes life a lot easier especially since I meal prep and make a lot of meals at once! 

True Roots - Mostly because I am a Hill's fan.  I skimmed through this, there are a lot of great recipes and then just some ones I'll never make, like bacon wrapped trout I believe.  But doesn't mean there are not some really great recipes! 

Do you have any recommendations for me? Where do you usually get your recipes? Do you like trying new things?!

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