Father's Day Gift Guide

Hi Guys,  Father's Day is just around the corner and here are some last minute gift ideas to get your dad!

1. Outdoors equipment - Whether its golfing, camping, skiing, fishing, anything along those lines. I'm sure if your dad enjoys these types of activities there is plenty to get him in this area!

2. Sports Outing - Tickets to a local sports game or your dad's favorite team is always a good idea.  Whether they are great seats or just time to spend with you he will love this gift!

3. Alcohol - My dad really enjoys bourbon or a good port, when talking to him he said he would love to try a new type he has never had and this is the perfect time to give him something new!

4. Movie Outing - I know that my dad really enjoys sci-fi or actions movies, not my number one but it's his so that's what matters!

5. Something nice for work - Whether its a phone case, computer bag, note book or tie, its' always a nice reminder of his family and something he can take with him.

6. Picture frame - I think its fun to go through old photos and give my dad a photo I loved.  I think it's nice for him to see life through our eyes and something he will treasure.

7. Cook or Bake - One of my favorite things to do is make my dad a lemon meringue pie, my mom and I are choco-holics so my dad doesn't often get his lemony and tart desserts.  So hey I can have tart over sweet one day a year!

8. A Note - When I was talking to my dad about this post he said a hand written note is something he would really enjoy.  Especially hearing about some of my sisters and I favorite memories with him.  Or somethings he has taught us that we will always remember.  This is something really thoughtful and priceless.

I hope this gives you some new ideas! I will be in a different town than my dad but I am planning on Facetiming a lot.  Do you have any fun plans?