My Fall Lookbook

I love so much about fall and one of my favorite things, is the fashion! I love the all the colors with the deeper blush tones, olive green and taupes. I'm trying to wear more orange, but my skin tone only allows so much ha! So I've rounded up some of my favorite outfits and where I like to wear them! Some items are from last season so I've linked as many as I could and found an alternative for the ones I can't! 

Ps. if you're online shopping be sure to use Ebates, to get some cash back!  Read more to see each outfit in depth!

Some of my favorite shops lately are; Tobi, Nordstrom, Target, Old NavyRoolee, and H&M A lot of my jewelry is from Old Navy but unfortunately, I was unable to find any of it online :(

Fall Fashion Look book Fashion Blogger Clothes Roundup Date Night

Date Night / Girls Night Out 

I love this outfit to go out in.  I love these high waisted skirts recently and the fall color or it.  The great thing with skirts like these is you can easily through on some tights and booties if need be.  I couldn't find the exact necklace form Francesca's but I linked a few statement pieces.  I like a bolder necklaces that brings in a few different colors since there is so much black. 

This auburnish taupe is a newer color for me! Usually I don't like organge tones with my fair completion but I feel like I can pull it off easier as a bottom.  And I'm loving my peep toed heels there so many cute ones out now I had to share more than one! 

Outfit Details:

Skirt // Top // Leather Jacket // Necklace Option 1 // Necklace Option 2 // Shoes // Similar Shoes

Dinner Out

I know that off the shoulders were all the range for summer but I think they make for a nice transition into fall, for the nights that aren't too cold. I also paired this jacket with it and the colors were giving me fall vibes. 

I know that these strappy shoes are everywhere but I recently saw them in this more velvety texture and I was in love! If I could get them in every color I would.  I do have them in a powder blue and they are an awesome statement shoe without being over the top.  The thicker heel is perfect too, so easy and comfortable to wear! 

The exact necklace was out of stock so I linked a similar one as well! I love these prelayered necklaces because I love the look but sometimes it's not easy to get them all lined up.  This takes the guessing game out of it!

Outfit Details:

Top // Jeans // Coat // Necklace // Similar Necklace // Shoes

Fall Fashion Look book Fashion Blogger Clothes Roundup Bonfire Nights

Bonfire Nights

One of the reasons I like fall weather so much is because you can layer without being bundled up.  I love the classic yet edgy look of a white sweater and moto jacket. I couldn't find the exact sweater but I got close! 

Outfit Details:

Leather Jacket // Sweater // Jeans // Necklace Option // Necklace Option 2 // Shoe Option 1 // Shoe Option 2 // Earring Option

Apple Picking

I love going to farms on the weekend in the fall, for apple picking, getting pumpkins or just getting into the outdoors.  And this wouldn't be a fall look book without some flannel.  I really like the Old Navy Flannels, because they fit nicely and are soft without being over priced.  They have so many different colors too and usually are on sale its perfect. 

These jeans are a little pricey from Madewell, but they really are Madewell.  I have had them for a while and wear them every week.  They haven't changed in color or fit so well worth the money!

Outfit Details:

Shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Shoe Option // Bag Option // Ring Option // Ring Option 1 // Bracelet Option // Bracelet Option 2

Fall Fashion Look book Fashion Blogger Clothes Roundup apple picking
Fall Fashion Look book Fashion Blogger Clothes Roundup working girl

Working Girl

I don't know about you but it doesn't matter what time of year it is my work office is freezing.  And I love these blanket scarfs.  They are so comfy.  

I actually found this exact scarf in the men's section of a store.  Not sure why it was there but I thought it was perfect for me. I couldn't find it any more but I got pretty close. 

This is another outfit I love the Anorak Jackets for.  This jacket is awesome because even though its a lot of material it still gives me a waist and is so comfy! 

Outfit Details:

Jeans // Shoes // Coat // Scarf // Sweater // Earring

Ps. Coffee from Brick, is some of the best in Cincinnati (in my opinion)

Fall Fashion Look book Fashion Blogger Clothes Roundup coffee date

Out and About

This is my favorite outfit to run errands in or go to a coffee shop to work on the blog.  This cardigan is to die for.  I feel like I finally found the perfect one, that I can easily fit my hands in, and its SO soft.  I have it in this olive green, a blush (thats a little taupey) and a blue white speckled one. Told ya I liked them.

I couldn't find my exact shirt anymore.  It's from this amazing online boutique Roolee.  You can do returns there without having to get store credit.  A major bonus since everything in online.  But they don't have a ton of inventory, so if you see something you like in your size take my advice and buy it! This shirt was pretty similar, they have a lot of beautiful floral patterned shirts, so you should be able to find something.  This shirt is one that I get the most compliments on! 

And of course TOMS are a must and so comfy. 

Outfit Details:

Cardigan // Alternative Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

Fall Fashion Look book Fashion Blogger Clothes Roundup out and about

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