Engagement Photos

Hey everyone! Since our save the dates just went out I want to share some of our engagement photos with you! And to tell you how I choose our outfits.  This took way more time and I would like to admit but I also feel like our pictures came out well because of it.  I love fall and I wanted to get outfits that went well with fall leaves but we felt comfortable in as well. 

I knew I wanted the traditional two outfits, one casual and one more dressy.  I have seen a lot of friends go for more flowy dresses but with my body type that just doesn't work.  I wanted a more structured dress and so I got this one from lulus! 

I got the advice that we should try to dress in the colors that would be our wedding colors because it would look so nice on our website.  That turned out to be a lot harder than expected so I just did the colors. The other piece of advice I got was to mix textures, so Henry had a plaid shirt and I went a little plainer. 

I got my outfit first and then Henry's because I thought that may be easier.  (I was sorta wrong but it did all workout :) ) That is my piece of advice since I think its harder for women sometimes to feel more comfortable in their outfits.

That's my #1 tip is get something that you feel comfortable in because it shows in photos.  I did like the idea of a skirt but I knew that I would constantly be adjusting and worrying. 

Our amazing photographer is David Stephen, be sure to check him out

Ps. I used Minted for our Save the Dates and I LOVED how they turned out!

Here are some of the items for our outfits! And some couldnt link like:

 My Heels, Dress, and Sweater (this one isn't on their website but here is the website!)