Dude Diet: Cookbook Review

YOU GUYS! You have to all buy the The Dude Diet Cookbook. Well now we know how this review is going to go let me dive in a little. First my family was asking what to get Henry for Christmas and he came up with the idea of a man cookbook. I was like okay, you’re starting to enjoy cooking and learning Ill find one and send a link to my parents. This cookbook pops up and the tagline is “Clean(ish) food for people who like to eat dirty” and I thought PERFECT! And Im obsessed with the cookbook!

Things I like: Its a little outside my comfort zone, but still very doable, most of the recipes have a clean twist or clean substitute, she give tips, we haven’t had a bad meal yet and its such a practical cook book. Also it has pictures which I like and look beautiful in our cookbook stand.

Side note: Most of my cookbooks I feel like I made one or two meals from. This cookbook I can see us making every single meal. Thats a major score!

Dislikes: Theres not prep time or total time part of the book. Thats it thats my only dislike!

Here the Table of Contents: (This always help me to judge a cookbook)

  • Dude Diet 101: Key to Success

  • The Dude Diet Kitchen: Get your shit together

  • Badass Breakfast

  • The Classics

  • Game Day Eats

  • On The Grill

  • Serious Salads

  • Take-Out Favorites

  • Sexy Sides

  • Back-Pocket Recipes

  • Chronic Cocktails

  • Sweetness

We’ve Made:

  • Trashed Up Turkey Burgers - Juicy and delicious

  • Loaded Chicken Enchiladas - A little labor intensive because you make your own sauce, but SO GOOD!

  • Epic Meatloaf - There’s quinoa and

  • Boss Bean Dip - Pictured here, again perfect for game day

  • Bison and Sweet Potato Waffle Fry sliders with Special Sauce - Prefect for the super bowl

  • Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl, - Ill never need to go to Chipotle again

  • Idiot Proof chicken Breast _ Seriously idiot proof, Henry makes it and its so juicy and delicious every time

  • Penne Pasta with Spinach Pesto - Delicious vegetarian meal and more filling that I expected

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 1.58.11 PM.png

And I just found her website which houses even more recipes like the one below I plan on making this week! I just really highly recommend that everyone gets this cookbook. And I mean it because Ive owned 10 cookbooks previous. If you buy it please let me know what you think Id love to hear!

Her instagram is Serena Wolf and obsessed if you cna’t tell haha!