Desk Must-Haves

Hi Friend! Working from home and being a blogger my desk space is very important to me. I try to not let my space get too cluttered so I just put the things that inspire me and help me to be productive. Have you checked out my other post about how to be productive when working from home

Ps. I used Ebates to make these purchases and got money back.  You can too and get $10 immediately for signing up!

Monitor & Stand - I love having my second monitor, I feel like Im able to get so much done.  And having a stand helps me to not crank my neck too much! 

Desk essentials office decor organization

Coaster - We have a lot of coasters thanks to me, but I love the one on my desk has a nice little quote so I can enjoy my coffee even more! 

Mug - A cute mug because I drink coffee and tea all day every day! 

Prints - I love having prints that when Im staring off into space can help to motive me and keep me going through out the day.  I have plenty of prints in the shop that I always use and come back to.  You can check them out here

Inspirational Books - (if you have the space) Some of my favorites are: Youre a Badass, #GirlBoss, Big Magic

Candle - Any candle from Target really, I just love having a candle burning. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp - I have heard so many health benefits but part of it is a placebo to me I know I just feel better when I turn it on.  I got a cute one that has a USB plug and I just plug it into my computer when Im sitting there. Any one else have one?

Productive journal - This really helps me to get stuff done through out the day. I can prioritize, make list and set goals. I always accomplish so much more when I use this! 

Desktop Calendars - My 3 Month Calendars come in handy for when I am scheduling something or looking ahead! 

I also have a hanging calendar for Targets $1 section but I found this one online and thought it was really cool! (Let me know if you'd be interested in printables like this)

What are your favorites to have on your desk! I try to keep mine as cleared off as possible but these are my must have! 

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