December Favorites

Hi Friends! I hope you're having a great start to your year so far! I wanted to share some of my favorite items from December that I'm excited I discovered! 

First would have to be this Sleigh Ride candle.  Im so obsessed I bought 3, whoops too much? Oh well.  I like sweet and fresh smelling candles and thats exactly what this is.  It isn't overpowering but it will fill a room after a while.


I tried out this voluminous mascara from L'oreal. And I'm liking it.  It is VERY black and takes a LOT to get it off which is nice for long days.  It makes my lashes long but not as fluffy as I'd like.

I have been getting into my diffuser and I really like my energy (orange) and relax smells (lavender).  I thought that the energy one would be too much but it actually neutralizes the smell in the air.  So it makes my kitchen smell better and it's not over powering.  The relax one makes me feel like I'm in a spa. It's so nice to fall asleep to.  Im excited to get more into oils! I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond they aren't ridiculously expensive.

I also really like this Essie Nail polish, called Make the Cut.  It was a very pretty silver with some sparkle flecks in it which was perfect for the holiday's and the new year! (My grandma approved).

I have been trying to get into more natural skin care products to help my acne and Im really liking Origins.  This lotion is perfect for day time because it is hydrating but absorbs VERY quickly.  Just looking for something a little heavier for night time!

I have been drinking a lot more tea lately.  I'm loving this Cold 911.  It's also for when you're not feeling great.  It has some mint which helps clear the sinuses.  And its helping me to stay hydrated when Im not 100%

What has been some of your favorites recently?! I'd love to hear!