Dear 2015

Dear 2015,

Good riddance.  I wish I could say just kidding after that sentence but I think that will take some time.  2015 really was a year of some very big changes in my life, with my job, health, living situation and relationships. It has been an extremely challenging year with extreme lows and extreme highs, which is exhausting. The past year and a half has been emotionally trying to say the least, from several late night/early morning ER visits from allergic reactions, transitioning jobs twice from circumstances outside of my control, moving back to a city where I knew 3 people, and living in a 5 bedroom house by myself.  On the flip side, my long time boyfriend was able to move from California to Ohio with a full time job, I lost 15 pounds, made new friends, signed a lease on my dream apartment and started a blog! 

This year if anything has taught me a lot.  And I'm hoping when I look back on this year in the future instead of thinking heartbreak, I can see how many challenges I overcame and that they were catalyst into better things. I have really realized how important relationships are this year, when you have nothing its your family and friends who help pick you up and dust you off. The relationship you have with yourself is equally important, if not more, in some situations. 

I know full well that I can look back on this year as the worst year of my life, but I also know that I can choose to look at this year as one where I have grown immensely.  Its all about perspective.  I love the idea of a New Year, it is a simple way to restart and change the things you want.

For this New Year's my boyfriend and I are going to write down the things we thought were importnat in the year 2015 and write down our hopes for 2016 (to not be opened till next New Years).  I hope that whatever year you may have had that the past can stay in the past and you're able to start the New Year with a clear mind and full heart. Can't wait to make 2016 my own and no one else's!