Current June Favorites

Summer is a time to try some new things and trends and thats exactly what I have been doing.  So Im sharing with you some of the things I have been recently loving.  And I'd love to know what you have been trying and loving whether its summer or winter for you! 

Bandana's - I am loving that bandana's are making a come back in a super cute way.  I recently ordered one off Roolee!

Chambray TOMS - I usually go for something really neutral for my feet but I wanted something a little but more fun for the summer time so I got these TOMS.  What do you think, cute?

Target Candles - I love these candles.  Not only do they smell great but my plan in that once I have used them up Im going to put them on my makeup desk and use them for my cotton rounds or Q-tips.  I love reusing candle holders for items around my house.

Ebates - I have had to buy so much stuff recently for the wedding, whether its undergarments, my shoes or my bridal shower dress.  So I am buying a ton online and Ebates has helped me to make some money back on those purchases! 

Face Pads & Moisturizer - I was trying out some new facial pads and moisturizer and I could tell it just wasn't helping my skin so I went back to basics and my skin is much happier so far! 

New purse - It was time I updated my work bag and I love how many compartments this has.  Also the compartment on the bottom is perfect for me to put my packed lunch and not get my papers gross or wet for some reason! 

Comment below and tell me what you've been loving!