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Hey guys, its been a while since I have done a favorites list so I thought it was time! There has been a lot of new stuff I've tried of recently so I'm excited to share, but I'd love to know if there's anything you've been loving lately?! 

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My New Fitbit - Even though Fitbits can be expensive I have updated mine a few times.  I think it's important to update your work out gear to keep you motivated and change up your fitness game.  I am really liking the Versa, I still haven't nailed down all the things it can do but I like that it looks like a watch.  I was sick of having one that sorta looked like a bracelet. It's nice to see all my stats and I love the interface.  I bought myself some bands because Henry got me the rose gold but I wanted a black band so I just got a cheap one off of Amazon that works! Some downsides are I have trouble overall with tracking workouts on Fitbit sometimes I have to add them, delete then add again.  Also fitbit needs to get spotfiy to sync ASAP.  (You can check out my workout playlist here

Felix Grays - Originally Henry got Felix Gray's for his birthday and since borrowing his a lot I decided to et my own.  I really like it for working long hours I can tell a difference that I have more energy.  And when I tired at night watching tv or working it really helps my eyes.  Highly recommend. I got the Roebling design

Dry Bar Prep Rally - I dont know what it is about this stuff but I really like it.  I feel like my hair does too.  And although it doesn't say it helps with dry time I feel like it does.  My hair feels healthy and shiny with this stuff! 

Witch Hazel - I know that this has circulated a lot on the Amazon cult world with the Rose scent and I feel like there's a reason.  I personally like lavender better. I feel like it helps me to get any leftover makeup and is still a gentle toner. 

Quay Glasses - When Desi Perkins came out with sunglasses I wanted to have some.  She is major goals.  I wanted the high-key's really bad but when I ordered them they were just too large for my face.  Then she came out with the mini's and I tried again.  I feel in love the black is so bad-ass and I have the pink too! 

Journal - I shared in my Bullet Journal post about a dot journal I love and since then I have found more on Etsy. This one you can personalize a little bit more and I love that.

Facial Pads - I use to use the Peter Thomas Roth pads, and although effective they can be pretty harsh.  Im trying out a new skin care routine and I thought something gentler would be better. So far so good. Im really loving this product.  Im not sure how much of a differance its making but I can tell its gentler.  I will keep you updated

Oui Lip Gloss - Oui has clean lip glosses and that is becoming something I am looking for since we ingest a lot of our lip products.  I sent it to Henry, asking him to get me one and he surprised me with Cosmic Brownie.  I thought I wouldn't like the brown of it but I do! Its different for me, subtle and really moisturizing. 

Sunday Riley - I am trying ti help declog my skin and get it clear for the wedding.  I like this oil and need to stick with it a little longer.  But its not breaking me out and I think helping to clear up my active acne faster. Pricey but I got the smaller size in a kit and that saved me a lot! 

Tell me! What have you been loving recently?!

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