Colourpop Haul

Sooo, I went a little crazy on Colourpop's website the other day and I wanted to share with you some of my picks and reviews! I have a $5 coupon for you to use here if you're interested in shopping! 

Here's what I got:

Blush, Highlighter, 1 new Lipstick, Concealer, 2 Eyeshadow platettes

Lip Products:

I really like colourpop for their awesome affordable products.  They have such a range and keep growing it's awesome.  The only thing is since it is so expensive if you don't like something you can't return it. 

I also got this lippe stick, and I'm not really going to review it because I'm an idiot and buy all lippie sticks that are about the same color *insert facepalm emoji* So I'm disappointed in myself but still love the creamy formula! 

Next up is the lipstick! And I can't really give a review on this because it swatches so orange and looks pretty bad in my opinion on my fair skin. So I haven't really worn it out for a wear test.  I do have to say though I think it will be much prettier when I am more tan.  So fingers crossed for a pretty summer color! 


First up is the lippe stick and then the lipstick. Colors are: 

Mini Palette:

This is the colors for the small palette called: And I love it for a summer look.  Its warmer toned than I was expecting.  I will say that as much as I like it I feel like I can only make about 2 looks.  But its perfect for my summer look at the office and for that I really like it! Shimmers are pretty subtle though.

Concealer Review:

I also messed up on the concealer ... I was looking for more of a highlighter over my foundation and I did not get a light enough shade.  You win some you lose some.  But I will say that this concealer is thick and full coverage.  I really like that aspect.  It doesn't seem to blend wonderfully with my foundation but I wonder if that has to do more of the coverage.  So I can't really give a full review because I feel I need this right color.  Sorry guys, this is what comes with online shopping! 



Blush & Highlighter Review:

I LOVE my blush and highlight shades! One thing that colourpop does really well is showcase items on different skin tones so I feel like I can feel get a feel for the color of the products.  The highlighter gives me shine without being too much.  Its such a pretty champagne on my fair skin and I feel like I can build it up to whatever brightness I want.  

The blush is just the perfect pretty pink and I also feel like it is buildable.  And I never feel like I have clown cheeks so that a major bonus! 

The only downside is though that you get the pan and pop it into the packaging.  So all packaging is the same.  I never know when I got in my make up drawer if I'm getting the blush or the highlighter since there aren't names on the bottom.  But other than that I like how thin it is and how its magnetic and still gives you a mirror! 

Colors I got are:

Big Palette Review:

This palette is called the "Give It To Me Straight" and it's $16.  It's much smaller than I was expecting.  I find I have some trouble making looks with this palette because it doesn't feel really cohesive.  I like it for simpler looks that have just a few colors.  And there isn't really a transition shade.  The skimmer/glitter shades as not as pigmented as other palettes I'm used to, or even NYX.  But I still really enjoy this palette, I think it will be perfect for summer and bronzed looks.  Also great for on the go with its small size! 

I hope you found this review helpful! And liked all the photos included! Let me know if you wnat more reviews like this!