Collaboration with Jen K Calligraphy

I'm so excited to share with you a new collaboration! My friend Jen and I came up with some unique wallpapers for all of you and Im so excited to share them! 

Jen is a calligrapher in my Rising Tide Society Chapter.  You can find her Instagram here and her Etsy shop here!  We wanted to come up with some designs for all the brides out there!  I thought the idea was really cool, we also have wallpapers with beautiful quotes! 

It was awesome to team up with Jen because there is just something about hand written calligraphy that no font will ever be able to capture.  Jen is also who helped to pen the new Candidly Keri Logo! 

Here are the designs, I hope you enjoy! Please share them and tag Jen and I so we can see!

If you'd ever like to do a collaboation feel free to email me at!