Cleaning Out your Closet

Hi my name is Keri and I am a addicted to donating my clothes! Its not a bad thing really, expect for that one time I was left with about 1/4 of the clothes I had. Which in all honesty wasn’t that bad because I wasn’t wearing the other stuff anyways.

Did you know you usually only wear about 20% of your wardrobe?

Yeah, about that. So Henry and I are donating, selling or recycling our clothes all time because I hate clutter and I think some of my items could go to a better home. SO Im sharing with you all of my tricks I have so that you can too purge and have a much better closet.

FIRST - Take everything out. And I mean everything. You’d be surprised how many items have fallen or are hidden behind things. Every time I go through my stuff I am so much more thorough if I literally start with an empty closet. It makes me pause more before I put something back in there.

Make Three Boxes; Sell, Donate, Recycle! I usually sell my clothes to either plato’s closet or clothes mentor. (PS someone needs to tell me if poshmark is worth it). I donate to goodwill or salvation army. And then I recycle all my clothes with holes or stains to H&M! (They give you 15% a purchase for this too)

Try everything on; sometimes you reallyyyyy love that sweater but does it fit you like it should? Ask yourself, is this something I can fit into and feel confident. Whether it fits too loose or too tight, don’t keep it if it doesn’t make you feel 100%.

Recycle anything with holes, spills or pilling. I mean unless you’re really going to patch it, clean it or fix it, its not worth it to keep around.

Keep Staples Items. Things that go well with so many different items. I gave away a lot of plain shirts and I regret that because they are great items that can go with many different outfits and be dressed up or down.

Get some items to help organize. Container store is your best friend in these stages. Or Target. I have this shoe rack (awesome cause its adjustable for heels) and this drawer for socks and things. I love these hangers for dresses and this is the best for scarfs. I bought this for dress pants I don’t wear often. I love space bags for bulky items you don’t use a lot or want to keep nice. It really cuts down on space getting these items and makes it much easier to find items. Henry loves this for his belts and this for his ties. Ps I don’t think these hanging clothes items ever work unless you only put two things in it. Otherwise they just droop.

Moving forward keep a box in your closet. Through things in there as you go through the month that need to be donated or just removed form your wardrobe and then you wont have to do a deep dive every time.

It may be scary at first to go through all these items but seriously its soo worth it. Another trick I have learned is turn all your hangers the wrong way. And when you wear an item put it back normal. Then donate anything with a hanger that is facing the wrong way after 6 months because it means you never wore it!

Does this inspire you to clean out your closet? For all you college kids going home for break soon I HIGHLY encourage you to do this. I wish I had done it more in college!

Here are some of the products I mentioned!