Highline CBD review

Have you heard about the latest trend of CBD products? It is products made from hemp that can help with many many things. Now at first I had a big stigma around CBD because I thought it was just weed and it got people high (Im an idiot that is not true). Although I think some products contain THC (what gets you high in weed) the products I found did not. I was reading and seeing how people were taking CBD for anxiety, sleeping problems and pain problems.

Well for a few months I was getting THE WORST sleep. Where I was just fighting with everyone in my dreams, I would wake up exhausted and in bad moods because of this and it just felt never ending. So I thought heck let me check out CBD gummies. A blogger I followed recommended Highline wellness and I read all the FAQ’s as well as reviews and thought I literally have nothing to lose.

So I started off with the Chews the also have Vegan Chews if you’re interested. I made Henry try one with me to see if I felt funny or any different. And I didn’t notice anything, major, I was nervous I would felt super clouded. So I took it and it actually did help me sleep. I started off with 10mg and have stuck with it.

REVIEW ON THE ACTAUL GUMMY TASTE: There are different flavors some better than others and there is a medicine after taste but its not unbearable and doesn’t last that long.

But now I can’t recommend it anymore for someone that has anxiety. I take it when I am feeling anxiety coming on and I just need to level set. I feel like it just helps me from snowballing easily which I do a lot when Im anxious and feel like I can’t get a handle on things. I don’t know what it is but it seriously works. Now I don’t take it every day. Its just when my anxiety is getting the best of me and I feel like I need a little extra help.

I know that there is an Oil you can just put in your mouth or in coffee but that sorta weirded me out. So Im sticking with the gummies for now.

They also have Pain Cream which Henry is interested in for his knee. They also have Dog Treats which I think Billy would benefit from since he’s anxious like his mama.

Here is a $10 off coupon! They have sales every once in a while. I thought the gummies where priced high but since I don’t have them every day they have lasted me a while. I just feel like they are a game changer when I feel like I can’t get my anxiety under control and this really helps to get it under control and have better days overall.

So what do you think? Have you tried CBD? What are your thoughts?