Boss Body: Update

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a good week! I wrote a post a while go about body boss and my first month with it. You can find that post here! But I was getting a lot of questions about whether after all this time I would recommend it or not!

Here’s the verdict, I love the exercises and the program but I just could not commit to it. It was such a regimented routine that I felt like if I took any days off, which lets be real I did because life, I had to go back. Also, it advertises its 24 minutes 3 times a week. Thats a bunch of bull. Its 24 active minutes, but there are rests and a warm up and cool down which is super important to complete. The exercise commitment towards the end is like a hour 5 days a week.

I found myself starting over and over again and then I got bored. I loved the idea of it the time intervals but every 4 weeks the time commitment grew and I just didn’t have an hour to give 5 days a week.

I think I may try this routine again though with a fresh start this winter when I have more time and will be indoors more. I found myself in the summer wanting to get out and now be stuck in the gym the whole time I did my exercises.

I also found I was weak in a lot of areas and could never tell if I was doing something quite right. So for the time being I hired a personal trainer just to really customize something for me and help me to learn form and things like that so the next time I tackle Body Boss I can really get after it.

I do like the program though and really think it will give you results if you are dedicated, like anything though.

I would also recommend buying the physical book if you do get it! I hope this was helpful!

Favorite At-Home Workouts

Hi guys, so as I shared a while ago I am in it to win it with my fitness game.  My wedding was a big motivator that's for sure, but I was tired of not feeling good so I finally took matters into my own hands.  I was doing the Body Boss Method, you can check out my post about that here! But I got sick and then I restarted the program and it sorta of got boring to me.  So I have interchanged some of the workouts because I am crazy busy and I just need a mental switch.  I plan on going back but when I don't really have a plan and need something quick, I'm sharing my favorite go to places. 

So besides the method, my go-to is Youtube!

For 30-45 minute workouts - I love the channel Pop Sugar.  I love when they have guest trainers those are my favorite.  And I get to try fun workouts like Pilates at home or barre all from the comfort of my apartment. This is one of my recent favorites.

Something quick and targeted - I go to Tone It Up.  I find their program really good but it frustrated me when I go to work out and you have to do that daily moves from your phone and then go through 2 or 3 videos.  I like to just go through one video.  So if I want to add something quick and targeted I go here.  Here's my favorite arm workout, core, and booty

When I need to relax - Yoga with Adrienne is my girl.  I love her yoga and her message.  She has relaxing and stretching videos like this or something quick pace. I need to use her more as a work out then a cooldown but I highly recommend her. 

Something fun - I'm not a dancer but dancing sometimes to these videos are exactly what I need.  Now, of course, the songs are short so I'll put a playlist together and dance with the fitness marshall! He has a playlist on his station like this one

Or Pinterest! 

When I want to do a quick circuit at home I have some workout's saved with Pinterest. Here are some of my favorites.  I tried to do a lot of body weight workouts so that's what I look for. 

I hope this was helpful and gave you some ideas for work outs.  Im dabbling in running its a new world for me.  I usaully hate running but Im also really working on my stamina and trying to push myself so I like the challenge! 

Whats your go to work out?


Body Boss: One Month Review

So I'm giving the Boss Body Method a shot! My sister purchased it online a year ago and got the physical copy of it and gave it to me! I know some of you have been interested in it and I wanted to let you know how it's going. 

Boss Body is a program that has you working out 5 days a week.  Monday is legs and booty, Tuesday is active time of your choosing like yoga or a walk.  Something to get you moving.  Wednesday is Abs and Arms. Thursday is a 20-minute work out of your choosing but you have to get your heart rate up.  Friday is a short 6-minute burst circuit. Monday and Wednesday consist of a warm-up, 3 seven minute circuits, and a cool down.  Totaling about 50 minutes. And then you take the weekends off!

I have tried to start this process before and it didn't go too hot.  I tried for 2 weeks but I was left feeling so sore it was hard to do a work out the next day.  Also, the Monday and Wednesday days were long and too much for me when I was just getting started. So I felt discouraged very easily and quit.

This go-around I'm actually starting with the pre-program.  It's for people who are just getting back into it, out of shape or post-baby.  I tried to just jump right in right away but It's a tough program and a large time commitment to me if you're not us to working out regularly. 

So my thoughts so far:

1. If you aren't in EXCELLENT shape start with the pre-program. Even if you do it for two weeks.  It helped me a lot in more than one way. 

  • I got used to how the program works

  • I learned some of the exercises and worked on my form

  • It helped ease me into 5 days of working out without as much time

  • I felt more confident going into the real program

  • My body was more prepared as well, I felt less sore.

  • The pre-program was total body getting you ready, whereas the main program has a leg & booty day and then arms & abs day.

2. I need some active time on the weekends - I'm a person that if I don't work out for two days in a row, it is over for me.  So on the weekends, I am trying to go for hikes or long walks just to make sure that my body is moving and motivated. 

3. I love the circuits, they work me hard and then let me rest.  At least I felt like they were too long of workouts but I'm really enjoying them.

4. I love the flexibility to do other things on Tuesday and Thursday so I could go to classes if I wanted. 

5. I love the structure. When I was starting this fitness journey, I was floundering because I didn't have direction.  So this program really gave me structure, I love the flexibility but being able to know what I'm expecting.

6.  I like the different heart rates on different days. It doesn't leave me to feel like I'm dying every day.

7. All but 1 exercise a week is body weight. I am a person that bulks really easily so I like that this is making me stronger from bodyweight and helping to tone me because of that's what I'm looking for. 

Results - Since starting, I have lost about 8 pounds and lost the inch I needed for my wedding dress! I am more toned and my clothes are fitting looser which is more important! Along with feeling a lot more comfortable.  With learning the exercises it gives me the confidence to go to the gym and do a productive workout.  I can tell I'm getting stronger and my stamina is getting better! 

Recommendation - If you are looking for a circuit workout, this is it! I know my sister tried BBG and didn't love it because running is her passion.  But this program really helped to give me structure while still giving me flexibilty to try other things! I never feel bored.

I am excited to keep it going because I feel in a little plateau right now but I'm going to stick with it and keep seeing results! I am thinking about even after I complete this I may do it again and try to do an extra circuit or something if I am completely them quickly.

Again, I received this program as a gift and this is a totally honest opinion.  I hope it inspires you to do something for yourself! And let me know if you want more updates on how it's going! 

7 Ways I'm Happier Everyday

This past couple of years have been one of growing and learning for me.  I realized two years ago how anxious, nervous and sad I was all the time.   And I wanted to change it.  I feel like the past couple of years have been laying down some good foundation but this past couple of months I've really seen and felt a difference in my every day. I wanted to share some of the things I have done with you, hopefully, some will resonate! 

1 - Declutter - If you didn't read my post here about decluttering my every day, be sure to check it out.  Having a lot fewer things around me all the time has helped me to have a much clearer mind and feel a lot less anxious. 

2 - Not watching live TV - Don't get me wrong I still love Bravo but I found myself trying to work my whole schedule around a TV show because I had deemed it as "me time".  When in reality I would hurry up trying to do things so I could relax but I was just thinking of all the things I didn't do, checking my phone all throughout commercial breaks and not really enjoying the time.  I now watch the show when I have time (fewer commercials) and I focus on it and enjoy it more.  Or I watch it while I'm working out and it feels like a treat! 

3 - Giving my phone up every night - I also wrote a post about giving my phone up for 2 hours every night and what its done for me.  I feel so much more productive and relaxed at that time. 

4 - Doing things I enjoy -  Like reading books, or skimming Pinterest for fun.  I'm trying to find things where I can lose myself a little more and fewer to-dos.  Baking is one thing that really lets my mind wander. You can see the 5 books I love on a Sunday afternoon here

5 - Cheat Meals - Henry and I realized we were spending money on going out as treats and not paying attention to how many times we were doing it.  In an effort to really clean up our diet we have decided to every Friday have a "cheat meal" that we usually cook at home.  It a fun thing to look forward to all week and do together.  It saves money and makes the food more enjoyable! You can't be strict on your diet 100% of the time you'll go crazy.  We really enjoy the bonding time together as well after long weeks! 

6 - Morning workouts - This was so hard in the beginning, I won't sugar coat it.  But I feel such a sense of accomplishment just starting my day.  And when I come home from work I don't feel guilty because I've already done it! Not to mention it feel good for my body and I'm loving getting stronger. 

7 - Meditation - This really helps me to try to stop my thoughts and just take a second for myself. I have found too that I dont react as poorly to things when I am meditating regularlly. 

I hope at least one thing on this list helps you to feel better every day! I'd love to hear any tips that you have. 


Ways I've decluttered my life

Hi Friends! I hope that you are having a great week, so if you read my latest post about my social media detox / just giving up my phone you may have noticed I'm trying to simplify my life a lot. In the last month, I've done a lot to just declutter my life.  I feel like my life is a lot less chaotic and way more productive so I thought I'd share that with you! 

A lot of these changes I’ve made had to do with visually decluttering as well as digital information


Changes I've made: 

Gotten rid of notifications I don't need - I did take off Instagram notifications but I had to put those back on because people were trying to reach me.  But I have taken away notifications from apps that don't really matter to me and just really peeled everything away to things that I felt I needed notifications.  This helped me to grab my phone a lot less and only see the important things right away.  Rather than constantly being bombarded with pointless information all day and sidetracking myself. 

One for One bottle - I have really decluttered our place by only buying things that need replacing.  My rule now if something is running low is "Will I run out of it in 3 days?", if so then I can put it on the list for the week.  If not it waits until next week.  I feel like I have saved a lot of money that way and our apartment is a lot less cluttered with items we don't quite need.  Rather than stocking up on everything and taking forever to get through it.  Also with makeup and hair products, I like trying out new things, so it doesn't make sense for me to buy duplicates.  I have found it almost wasteful at points. 

I feel like yes, cleaning and putting things away clears my mind, but purging and getting rid of things I dont need really gives me clarity in my home.

Threw out and purged things I didn't need - Spring cleaning here I come! Henry and I did a huge purge because we plan on moving soon this winter.  You can read about where we donated everything here.  But would you believe we donated 4 large boxes and now we are doing another pass and donating 2 more boxes?  I feel like yes, cleaning and putting things away clears my mind, but purging and getting rid of things I don't need really gives me clarity in my home.

Organizing papers - I have SO many papers from my car, home items, wedding things, receipts I needed.  One afternoon I just sat down and recycled anything I didn't need and organized everything else into folders.  Now I have no problem finding things I need and my desk is clear.  I have a little sorter on my desk that I put papers in and I make a point to go through and file those away every week. 

Getting rid of things visually - I donated and cleared a lot of things away that were just laying out.  Even if it was decorative, I really paired down my decor so that there would be a lot more space. I feel like I have so much working space and the place looks so my clearer. 

Unsubscribing from emails - If you haven't heard of unrollme, you should check it out.  It's this website that you sign on to your email and it shows you everything you're subscribed to. I was subscribed to things I didn't even know about.  It takes a few days for them to go into effect but seriously, not waking up to 50 emailed every day has been amazing.  I feel like I'm getting the information I need and not overloaded.

Deleting contacts/social media - I feel like I spent forever scrolling through social media and looking at things that didn't help me or I didn't care about.  So I unfollowed a ton of people, if I didn't like their post or got nothing out of it there was no reason to look at their stuff. I think did slowly add things that did help me like fitness bloggers or food bloggers. 

Overall I just needed to get a lot of the fluffy and unnecessary things out of my life.  Decluttering in the way of technology has been HUGE.  I feel like my days are better, I'm less upset about things I see and I'm WAY more focused on things I want to accomplish.

So tell me have you done any spring cleaning on life or your home?! Tell me how!