Bullet Journal - Update

Hey guys! So if you read my post in the past about "what is bullet journaling" then you would know I was trying to test it out for the past couple of months! From an Instagram poll I did, it seemed like a good amount of you wanted a follow up on how I was doing with it! 

At first, I was using a moleskin notebook which is super common.  For bullet journaling, and I LOVE the dot aspect of it, using the dots and the lines to keep things more interesting without even trying.  I also loved that everything was in one place, to-do list, my calendars, doodles, fitness goals and even journaling.  What I didn't like though is the journal its self.  I'm a person who needs a spiral notebook, I love tearing pages out, flipping through past entries and making my notebook smaller when I write rather than opening it up and having it be twice the size.  I've always liked spiral notebooks and I really don't like bound books.  So are first I thought bullet journaling just wasn't for me.  WRONG.  It is I just needed a different notebook, and then I got this!

OHH PRETTY - It's a dot notebook, that's cute and has a spiral.  You can find it here!  

Once I got the right journal I loved it.  The paper is thick and durable and perfect for bullet journaling.  

Some things I like about bullet journaling:

You can always change it - You can change your designs and if you hate something you don't have to do it again!

Creative - I love using different colors and just adding a little creativity to it and having fun

Try new things - There are sooo many designs floating out there, that I like trying all of them out! 

Organization - Everything is all in one spot so I can go back and check things I've jotted down.

Realixing - I still find it relaxing to write things down rather than put it all on a computer so I love it.

Overall once I got a journal that worked for me I loved it.  Its fun experimenting each week and trying out different things.  Some people plan their whole week out and do multiple pages at a time but since I'm still learning and trying out different things I go one day at a time. 

Here are some of my favorite designs so far, and again here it the notebook I use! You can personalize the notebook too which is fun!

So what are your thoughts? Are you going to give bullet journaling a try? Or whats your favorite design?!


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