Bucket List: 30 by 30

Hi friends, so if you are new around here then you may not know I made a bucket list of 25 things I'd like to do before I turned 25.  You can find it here! But I recently just turned 25 and I wanted to do a 30 by 30 list.  I made my old list with only about a year to complete it, so now that I have 5 year times, Im making this list a little loftier! (Scary) 

Here is what rolled over from my first list. (not bad eh?)

  1. Take a cooking class - (Side note these are expensive!)
  2. Go to a museum in Cincinnati
  3. Learn to invest my money
  4. Adopt a dog - this can't happen till 2018 due to my lease :(
  5. Take a girls trip
  6. Throw pottery (it just always looks so cool)

Here is what's new, so I need 24 things!

  1. Get Married (November 2018!)
  2. Go to Europe - I have been twice but I want to experience it my way with tours I've researched, I think I will value it even more
  3. Spend the night in a Treehouse
  4. Buy a house - Currently saving! 
  5. Spend a weekend with just my nephew and future nieces and nephews
  6. Move to a new city - Okay this one is SCARY but I think in 5 years it may happen
  7. Grow my blog - I'm not sure what capacity this means but I love this blog and I want all the hard work I put into it to reflect that
  8. Vacation on a water bungalow
  9. Find a work out class I love
  10. Decorate my place in an adult way - This means not EVERYTHING is Ikea (just mostly)
  11. Keep reading monthly
  12. Watch baby turtles hatch
  13. Learn to meditate
  14. Have a healthy relationship with working out - This will probably be all 5 years
  15. Find a good group of friends
  16. Run a half marathon (not sure if I mean this but let's try it)
  17. Color my hair
  18. Go back to New England and show Henry
  19. Pay it forward
  20. Give up coffee for a month
  21. Keep a journal for a year
  22. Learn something new like photoshop or watercolor
  23. Start a podcast ??? No idea just putting it in the universe
  24. Go to 100 concerts

So tell me! Whats on your bucket list? I feel like if we never write it down it will never happen!