BTS Candidly Keri

Hey guys, I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at Candidly Keri! I get some questions about the site and I wanted to answer them! 

The process: 

Seriously guys, if it wasn't for my fiance there would be no Candidly Keri.  He helps me with all the coding, photoshopping the wallpapers, the email and making sure you can all download all the wallpapers you want! I usually come to him with ideas and he helps make them come to life.  I do a lot of the creative and a lot of the analytics to see how things are going.  I wrote a post a little while ago about where I find inspiration and you can read it here

What do you use for your website?

I use Squarespace and I paid for my own domain, through google. I use one of their templates but Henry has custom coded a lot so that I can make it my own! 

Where do you find the photos?

I did a lot of research on where to find photos that didn't need credit and didn't need to be paid for.  I do not take them myself, that being said I did a lot of research and I can't give up all my secrets! ;)

Where do you get your fonts?

I purchase them or get "freebies" from different font sites. I have tons of fonts but you have to make sure you can use them for commercial use!

Again, I did a lot of research, if you do the same you'll be able to find a lot of helpful sites depending on what you want! Some I use are the Creative Market, Dream bundles and Pixel Surplus.

My advice?

Start somewhere! Sometimes I get emails about people starting a blog and whats my advice? Just start.  There are no certain steps you should take besides researching asking questions .  I think it helps to find blog you love reading and see what you like about it! There is a big learning curve but that's all apart of the process.  Put in the time and effort and it will be great!

If you have any other questions leave them below! 

Some photos, done by the amazing, talented Genesis: