Body Boss: One Month Review

So I'm giving the Boss Body Method a shot! My sister purchased it online a year ago and got the physical copy of it and gave it to me! I know some of you have been interested in it and I wanted to let you know how it's going. 

Boss Body is a program that has you working out 5 days a week.  Monday is legs and booty, Tuesday is active time of your choosing like yoga or a walk.  Something to get you moving.  Wednesday is Abs and Arms. Thursday is a 20-minute work out of your choosing but you have to get your heart rate up.  Friday is a short 6-minute burst circuit. Monday and Wednesday consist of a warm-up, 3 seven minute circuits, and a cool down.  Totaling about 50 minutes. And then you take the weekends off!

I have tried to start this process before and it didn't go too hot.  I tried for 2 weeks but I was left feeling so sore it was hard to do a work out the next day.  Also, the Monday and Wednesday days were long and too much for me when I was just getting started. So I felt discouraged very easily and quit.

This go-around I'm actually starting with the pre-program.  It's for people who are just getting back into it, out of shape or post-baby.  I tried to just jump right in right away but It's a tough program and a large time commitment to me if you're not us to working out regularly. 

So my thoughts so far:

1. If you aren't in EXCELLENT shape start with the pre-program. Even if you do it for two weeks.  It helped me a lot in more than one way. 

  • I got used to how the program works

  • I learned some of the exercises and worked on my form

  • It helped ease me into 5 days of working out without as much time

  • I felt more confident going into the real program

  • My body was more prepared as well, I felt less sore.

  • The pre-program was total body getting you ready, whereas the main program has a leg & booty day and then arms & abs day.

2. I need some active time on the weekends - I'm a person that if I don't work out for two days in a row, it is over for me.  So on the weekends, I am trying to go for hikes or long walks just to make sure that my body is moving and motivated. 

3. I love the circuits, they work me hard and then let me rest.  At least I felt like they were too long of workouts but I'm really enjoying them.

4. I love the flexibility to do other things on Tuesday and Thursday so I could go to classes if I wanted. 

5. I love the structure. When I was starting this fitness journey, I was floundering because I didn't have direction.  So this program really gave me structure, I love the flexibility but being able to know what I'm expecting.

6.  I like the different heart rates on different days. It doesn't leave me to feel like I'm dying every day.

7. All but 1 exercise a week is body weight. I am a person that bulks really easily so I like that this is making me stronger from bodyweight and helping to tone me because of that's what I'm looking for. 

Results - Since starting, I have lost about 8 pounds and lost the inch I needed for my wedding dress! I am more toned and my clothes are fitting looser which is more important! Along with feeling a lot more comfortable.  With learning the exercises it gives me the confidence to go to the gym and do a productive workout.  I can tell I'm getting stronger and my stamina is getting better! 

Recommendation - If you are looking for a circuit workout, this is it! I know my sister tried BBG and didn't love it because running is her passion.  But this program really helped to give me structure while still giving me flexibilty to try other things! I never feel bored.

I am excited to keep it going because I feel in a little plateau right now but I'm going to stick with it and keep seeing results! I am thinking about even after I complete this I may do it again and try to do an extra circuit or something if I am completely them quickly.

Again, I received this program as a gift and this is a totally honest opinion.  I hope it inspires you to do something for yourself! And let me know if you want more updates on how it's going!