Birthday Wish List!

Happy Birthday to all the August birthdays! I don't know about you but I love seeing peoples lists! So I thought I would share with you mine! Nothing too exciting this year, there isn't really anything BIG I need so its just lots of little stuff. Ps. I can't decide on a birthday cake this year, I love anything chocolate but Ive been toying with the idea of a smores cake or ice cream cake.  Heck! Its my birthday I should just get them all ;)

  • Diffuser - I just seriously need a new, nice looking one
  • Work out clothes- Mostly grey leggings, and some tops
  • Recipe Box - How cute is that! 
  • TOMS - I guess I walk weird and my one side is getting a hole :(
  • Patagonia - Because I always steal Henry's in the fall time
  • Speaker - I have an old jambox and it's been through a lot, time for a new one.  Im liking the google home, do you have recommendations?
  • Planner & New Journal - because I always want these! Be on the look out for a post about my favorites
  • Swell Waterbottle - This one is so pretty to me! 
  • When all else fails clothes!

So tell me whats on your birthday list, or what is one of your favorite things you've ever gotten?

Here are some of the items!