Bark Box Thoughts

Hi guys, so this is going to be a hard post for me to write.  If you didn't see on Instagram my golden, Maddie passed away this summer.  She was 13 and apparently had a lot of cancer that we had no idea about.  She acted like a puppy until her last day, and I will be forever grateful that she picked me to be her owner. Now I wasn't going to do a post since this has been really hard and I try to keep my site more uplifting but I just had to had to share something with you. 

I have written a few post about bark box on my site before and highly recommended it but you guys, I have NEVER experienced customer service like this before in my life.  When Maddie passed, I pretty quickly afterward reached out to bark box so that my parents wouldn't receive the box as a painful reminder.  

Now bark box has very clever marketing and talks like dogs in their emails.  But the email I received the next morning was the sweetest, most caring email I have ever received.  You could tell there was a dog owner on the other side of the email.  They canceled my subscription and the box that was on its way was sent to a Humane Society in the county my parents live in. I can't tell you what that means to me. 

If you use my code for bark box, not only do you get a free box but now a box get's sent to an Humane Society in Maddie's name.  And if you use EBATES you will get cash back! Pretty cool that we can share that kind of joy still!

I just had to share because even though I no longer have a dog to give a bark box to this company went above and beyond and really helped me. I can not recommend them enough. And now I have been able to give some dogs in need some Bark Boxes

It is hard to grieve a dog when you no longer live by them, if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. 

Maddie, you will be so missed 

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