At Home Spa Day

Some days you just need to relax, and Im not just talking about a face mask here and there. I love the days that I have just about an hour to pamper myself so I wanted to share my routine and some of my favorite products. In the bottom of this post I have two playlist I listen to.  And this is the candle I can't stop burning! 

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self care spa day at home

First I like to dry brush, I've heard that this is really good for circulation and it just gets the top layer of skin off.  The brush I like to use is this one:

Before I get in the tub I usually deep clean my face with my face wash and this padI put aside a large bowl of water thats pretty hot just let my face take in the steam. I like to put some tea tree oil in the water to calm my skin. The face mask Im loving but I also am liking this recently this small packet from sephora. That mask is fun because its small and easy to travel with.

Then I like to soak in the tub with some Epsom salt and essential oils (my favorite), with my face mask on. This is a scrub I use at the end of my bath.  Follow up by this moisturizer, this is a heavy duty one.  For a lighter one I like this spray.

If Im feeling really crazy I like to do this hair mask.

After Ive dried off and Im wrapped in my fuzzy robe, seriously its so fuzzy, I like to pull out some magazines or turn on netflix and do my nails.

For my nails, I usually get warm water and soak my nails so I can get the cuticles off. Then I use this tool to to shine and buff them.  I get a lot of ridges on my finger nails and this helps to smooth them out.  These are the colors Ive been lLOVING recently especially with fall coming up. 

Here are some of the products I mentioned, and below are playlist I like to listen to. 

Here are some of the playlist I listen to while Im doing this! One really makes you feel like your at a spa the other helps me to relax and sing along! 

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