April Intentions

It's been a while since I've set some goals/intentions for the month so I thought I'd share what's going on with me currently and what I'm looking for this month! 

I have been making a lot of strides on improving my life, with friends, habits, exercising and eating better.  That by no means doesn't mean I haven't had setbacks.  I feel like the setbacks can be even harder this go around because I can see what progress I'm making. So I'm just trying to make small steps to continue this progress and remember it's not perfection.

  1. Get outside - The weather has been terrible in Ohio, it has seriously made me just want to curl up and stop caring. (Hence the no blog post for a week) Thankfully I'm headed to Florida in a week. But regardless of that, with all the snow and cold weather whenever there is a nice 2-hour period of nice weather I'm getting outside or opening the windows. I can tell my soul needs it and I need to make it a priority.

  2. Walk every day - I work from home fairly often and I've started paying attention to my energy burned and how much I consume. And I'm just learning even if I work out in the morning but then sit on the couch the rest of the day I just don't burn enough energy. So on days, I work from home I hope to watch my shows from the treadmill just to help my body moving more consistently. Hoping for some weight loss results too, to be honest.

  3. Continue reading - I was reading a lot recently and it really helped my morale, but I've been feeling lazy recently and watching TV just seems easy. So I wanted to make sure I read at least 2 more books if not 3

With goals, I'm trying to not make them too lofty and more obtainable to I'm only going to set these 3 for now.  So tell me do you have any goals for this month? I'd love to know!