Apartment Series 3: Quick ways to make your place your own

Here is the last post in the Apartment Series. This post is all about our three quick tips to make an apartment you're own.  You finally have the apartment you want, so here is how to transform it quickly. Comment below and let us know you're favorite part of the series! We may just even post some pictures of our decor and little accessories that we got to set our apartment apart from our friends!

First Three things to make it yours:

My Tips:

1. Make your bed. Now this may seem silly, but there is nothing that makes a place feel like home quite like laying down in clean sheets after moving all day.  It is also one of the quickest ways to make your room look put together!

2. Get out your décor.  Little touches like our pillows, candles and cool lamps transformed our place so fast.  Its really made it our own.  Of course things have moved already into a “better” spot, but still just getting things out makes the apartment feel a lot less empty.

3. Put things on the wall. Whether you have tan walls (hotel feel) or white (panic room), putting things on the walls makes everything feel so much more homey.  It makes it feel like you didn’t just move and really makes it your own. So I would come prepared with things you know you want to hang! This makes it much easier! Make sure you measure, level and plan it out or else you could have crooked paintings that look out of place!

Alix's Tips:

1. Hang up those pictures this isn’t a frat house. Coming from a family with an ex-photographer for a dad, pictures have always been a big thing in my life. I love taking and displaying them so I wanted a prominent gallery wall in my apartment. On one of the first days of living in my new apartment I decided what pictures I wanted and where and just did it. One of the huge pluses of a gallery wall is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It made my blank walls feel less sterile and made this place feel like mine. Being able to walk in and see my family, friends, dogs, and places I’ve been on my walls made me happy and made it feel homey.

2. Organize that terrible mess of a closet. Every time you walk in there you see all of your clothes in a heap on the floor. It's not a pleasant sight. Just take an hour and organize it and it will make your place feel much more organized in no time. If the rest of your room is organized your closet will just sit there and haunt you every time you have to get dressed. Just do it and you can thank me later.

3. Invite your friends over. Nothing makes a new apartment feel like home quite like having your friends and family over. Show off your new domestic skills, or your ability to pick up the phone and call for pizza. Beginning to make memories in your new home is the best, and most fun way to really get used to living in your new place. Who knows, you may get a few bottles of wine out of the housewarming.

We hope you enjoyed this three part Apartment Series! If you missed the first two posts you can check them out here! If you'd like to see more posts like this let me know in the comments below or shoot me a quick note