Apartment Series 2: Tips for Moving into an Apartment

Welcome to post 2 of the Apartment Series! Here in post 2 you'll find our tips for the actual moving process our into your new place. We hope these tips are helpful and let us know in the comments what your tips are!

Top 3 tips for moving into an apartment:

My Tips:

1.  Last On First Off Box. My beautiful mother is the one who put this together for me; she’s amazing.  But after all our moving she's the one who knew about this. The Last On First Off Box is the box that is suppose to go on the truck last so it’s the first one that comes off.  This box contains things like cleaning supplies, scissors, paper towels, toilet paper, water cups.  Things that are needed when you are unpacking but that you forget about. Its super helpful and there are some sites that give you lists!

2.  Pack everything nice & organized.  This was such a pain.  Towards the end of packing I got lazy and sorta threw things in a box.  Which I deeply deeply regret.  It is so much easier to unpack when items that go together stay together and it’s easy to do one room at a time.  The more you throw in a box that doesn’t go together the harder it is to put away.

3. Go through your items before you move. This is an awesome tip because it really helps to purge everything so you aren’t moving unnecessary things. I still feel like after many Plato's Closet visits (which I barely made any money on) and Goodwill runs, I still wished I would have given away more.  I can write a post on tricks to purge your closet, office and kitchen supplies if you’d like!

Alix’s Tips:

1. Don’t kid yourself, take all the help you can get. I have moved both ways before, totally by myself and with the help of a team. TAKE THE TEAM. Moving in 6 suitcases of clothes and piles of kitchen equipment by yourself takes all day and completely sucks. Recruit everyone you can to help you and offer pizza and beer as an incentive. Much cheaper than movers and you will probably like them better too.

2. Keep it in the box. If you are moving into a new apartment you are bound to buy new things like bar stools or a microwave. When moving keep them in their boxes. I know you may want to save space in the U-Haul but worrying about if your brand new TV gets damaged in the move is not as fun as you may think.

3. Don’t buy too much stuff. You’ve been eyeing that glass canister set at Target for a month now but wait until you move in to buy it. It will be another thing you have to actually move and you may get to your new place and realize where you wanted to put the canisters is actually where your coffee maker needs to go. Buy as you go and it will save you in the long run.