Wedding Update T-6 Months

I can not believe we are almost 6 months out to our wedding! If you're new here Henry and I got engaged and due to high demand for our venue, we had to book 18 months out.  Which has been great at time and terrible at other times. 

I wanted to give you an overall update on where we are and what I still have left! Along with some of the feelings that come with it, cause lets be honest we like to keep it real here. 

I feel like there is a lot of double-edged swords with a long engagement because you have time, but you have time. What I mean but that is there is time to make up your mind on certain things but that can be bad because it gives you a lot of time to second guess your choices.  

I have found also that some things regardless of how much time you think you have book quick! Since a lot of things have high demand my advice would be if you want something, book it! You could always lose a deposit but really if you want something book it as soon as you can.  Right away I had my eye on our venue, photographer and florist which we all booked within the first month.  Seems crazy but there were other people we were competing with for the same days! 

I feel like a downside to a long engagement is people for of forget about your wedding, while I'm constantly working on things and it's on my mind a lot, it's not on my friends.  There has been so much time in between it feels like people have forgotten about it.  Like I said keeping it real.  I'm sure my opinion will change once I have my shower and bachelorette! 

Currently, we have all the big ticket items booked; caterer, band, the day of planner and such.  So now it's onto the little things. Which in a way feels more overwhelming.  I was very decisive on a lot of things early on.  I did my research and went with my gut.  But now when I search signage, table numbers and other things it feels endless.  This is where it comes in that its good we have time because I can hem and haw and take time to mull things over.

Here's some advice I'd give if you're starting to plan:

  1. Always meet with 2 different people for the job - I think comparisons are awesome, even if you're leaning one way it can help confirm what your thinking. I also found that the more people I met with the more questions I had which helped me make a better decision.

  2. Go who with you feel comfortable with - This is one of the biggest days of your life, I just keep thinking there will be a lot going on that day so I want to invite people who make me feel calm and who I know I can talk to if I need help or want something different!

  3. Go to the knot before you have a meeting - the knot has a lot of blog posts on questions to ask different vendors. I found this really helpful because there were a lot of questions I didn't even think of!

  4. Pick 3 important things to splurge on - One that is important to you, one to your groom and one to the both of you! Let's be honest you are going to gove over budget with some of this stuff. Pick whats important and what you're willing to go over on. Then you won't feel cheated on other items you may skim on!

I hope you guys are enjoying these posts, be sure to give it a like if you want more wedding updates!