A 20-something year old in 2015

This week as I thought about what I wanted to write for a post, I racked my brain for fashion ideas, tip and tricks, or advice on job searching.  And that felt all very blah, to be honest. Yes this blog is meant to serve others but it also serves me in many different ways.  So I thought I’d write about something very near and dear to my heart, if that’s okay with you.  Being a 20-something year old in 2015.

I graduated two years ago, and just about nothing is the way I thought it would be the day I received my degree.  I am currently living at my parents home (without them (they live in Florida so I'm by myself, weird yes I know)), on my third job, and back in Cincinnati.  

When you graduate college, there is this overwhelming pressure to have the perfect career, not just job, the Pinterest inspired apartment, work/life balance and be making more money than you can imagine.  Man was reality difficult. But I am slowly learning and accepting that our twenty’s is the time for adventures, mistakes, learning, and most importantly, growing.  These things come in stages and there will be struggles along the way but that’s what life is all about. I believe the lies that social media portrays every day, that every single person has their dream job, car, life, apartment and SO MUCH MORE, is just not true.

I moved back home to save money, building on my savings that I've been working on forever.  I took my job to push myself and become well rounded.  It may not be forever but it allows me to have income and work on other aspects of my life.  I have delayed some of the things I so desperately want but I have found I made these sacrifices now, so that they will be that much sweeter in the future. I have pushed my life in ways that help me grow and help my learn more about myself every day. I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, and getting my fitness on (I still don't enjoy this part, hoping one day this changes).  I believe that’s what our twenties are really about, not the materialistic things even though I enjoy it as much as everyone else.

I hope that some of you found comfort in knowing other people are struggling and it's okay. It's perfectly normal to not have it all together.  No matter what life stage you are at make sure you are working on yourself, cultivating relationships, and laughing every single day.  You don't want your life to be perfect anyways really, because that would ruin all the fun wouldn't it?