Date Night Ideas

Hey Everyone, so if you didn't see my Instagram post it was my anniversary with H this past Tuesday.  One of the things I gave him was a mason jar filled with date ideas and categories.  

Found the idea here

Found the idea here

I felt like this was a way to do new things and to add some more fun to going on dates. Here were a few ideas that I came up with! 

Over $40

At Home

  • Cook a meal together
  • Movie night in
  • Game Night
  • Picnic

Needs Planning

  • Blue Apron
  • Concert
  • Host a party (get everyone together, plan it and have fun with friends!)
  • Paint Pottery
  • Go to a Fancy restaurant 
  • Cooking Class
  • Sporting Event

Under $40

  • Zoo
  • Bowlning
  • Seeing a movie
  • Try out a new Brewery/Winery

Out and About

  • Farmers Market
  • Hiking
  • Try out a work out class

I told Henry to add some of his own ideas too by color.  I liked this because sometimes Im bad with spontaneous dates.  But this way I can say how much effort/non effort I want to put in by picking out the color.  I thought it was a cute idea because man sometimes anniversary gifts are hard!

What are some of your favorite anniversary presents?

PS. Here is the ring he got me. Its our anniversary date, how cute!!


Music Monday: Vol 26

Another Music Monday coming at you! I have been a little behind and there has been a lot of new stuff so I am excited to share! Also I found this awesome new vinyl shop near me and I bought so many good records.  What is some of you favorite albums to listen to on vinyl?

I love this new upbeat version of Oh Wonder. They have such a unique sound and its fun to hear something more dance-y.  Makes me excited for the album! 

I love Halsey but I liked to oldest stuff the best and I feel like this gets back to her roots with a little pop. Im obssesed I've listened to it like 100 times in a weekend. It gets catchier every time! 

What can I say this is a great song to work out to with the beat in the background.  They aren't amazing singers but I love the beat! 

New politics are AMAZING performers and I loved this new sound from them.  I was surprised when I heard this on the radio and this was the artist.  Give it a listen! 

I think Im still forming an opinion but I think I like it, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

I can't stop listening to this on repeat, I just love the simplicity of the piano and the biuld up.  One of my favorites to play with the windows rolled down!  

I feel like this is such an under rated song for the summer. I think it will climb the charts soon enough.  I love the beat matched up with Zayns voice.  Im not a huge fan of him but I approve this song! 

Cold War Kids came out with a new album and Im really liking them.  It's making me excited to see them in the fall.  Have you seen them live??

I can't wait for this album and to finally see them live!! I love this loud sound they have and there new stuff is different but still Misterwives

Jaymes Young just has a cool sound and I love this feel.  Happy for all the new music! 

So tell me! What have you been listening to? What should I check out??

March Product Review

Hey guys! So I recently splurged at Ulta for some things I have been having my eye on.  I wanted to give you a review and let you know my thoughts.  Like the Glam Glow Mask ... is it really worth $69?! Read on my friends! 

Be sure to use Ebates, to get some money back on your online purchases!! You'll get $10 automatically! 


Origins Face Mask - I usually get mask for acne and drawing out impurities but I have had such dry skin recently and I had someone tell me that getting things for sensitive skin rather than acne would help my skin more.  I had heard really great reviews on this mask so I thought I'd give it a try.  I love this mask! It has 2 cons in my mind, 1 the smell, its pretty strong, I think its suppose to be eucalyptus. 2 Its pretty hard to get off, I have to use a wash cloth, hands don't do it and its still tricky.  My skin is so soft after though and I think it helps to calm my face down a lot and I didnt break out from it! 

Benefit Hoola - Okay so I get what all the hype is about.  This stuff is so blend able, this is the first bronzer I feel like I can actually use to contour without looking orange.  It does have more of an orange undertone than ash, so it can be orange if you use too much.  I just love how well it blends.  I do hate the packaging though, the brush isn't great and its hard to get my brush in there. 

Yes Micellar Water - I had been hearing a lot about micellar water, how it just adheres to your makeup taking it off.  I really liked this stuff at first, it feels like water which is nice because it takes off a ton of makeup and you don't have residue left over.  How ever if you do use too much it does become soapy.  I got this one since my skin is sensitive but it isn't powerful enough to really get off mascara or anything like that.  Its nice and hydrating but you have to wash your face after this isn't enough!  

NYX Blush - This blush looks VERY orangey I will admit.  But Im so glad I gave it a chance.  I love this color it is super natural and give me a nice glow. It's build able which I find really nice in blush so that you can add however much you want.  I hate when you try blush and one swipe you're like WOO I look like a clown.  I love this line and I want to try out more of NYX blushes! 

Glam Glow- This stuff is cool I have to admit, and it leaves your skin so soft.  But I never really saw a difference in my skin.  I liked the origins mask a lot more.  I didnt see an improvement in my acne, I think all it did was draw out some oil which quickly came back.  Not worth the price tag especially with how little product you get.  Thankfully I used a gift card on this! 

Physician's Formula Bronzer - I had heard really great things about this bronzer in the Youtube Community, especially by people with fair skin so I had to try.  Again I find it really natural and build able which I love! PSA this seems like straight up pina colada's, which I absolutely HATE.  If you like its then you'll love it.  But I like this bronzer enough to look past the smell.

If you haven't read my post comparing pallets, then you would have no idea how much I love this pallet.  It's extremely pigmented and blend able.  I love it so much. Im a huge fan of cool toned eye shadows and I feel like I can never find them all together.  Seriously I love this pallet, it had everything; transition colors, mattes, shimmers and pop's of color! What more could you need?!

What products have you been loving recently? What should I check out?!