Too Faced, NYX, & Morphe Palette Battle

Hi Friends, here is a new post for all the make up lovers out there. So I recently got the Sweet Peach Palette and the NYX Cool Palette and I wanted to do a comparison between them and the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe.  I was testing the colors and showing you some of my favorite while looking at how the eyeshadow blends, price and color variation! I love Palettes so much because they are easy to travel with and you can make so many differeent eye looks. 

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Sweet Peach Palette by Two Faced - $49

First off this Palette really does smell like peaches.  Even though I have used it for 3 months and as a hard core peach Snapple lover, Im no mad.  I like the color variation in this Palette even though I wish there was a better transition color.  I love the pops of color, with the green, purples and blue.  This is a awesome Palette for smokey eyes I think.

First thing I have to say about this Palette is the shimmers are amazing and super pigmented.  The shadows aren't really a buttery consistency, but they still blend out really nicely.  The darker colors though are a lot more patchy and a little but harder to work with.  I don't use them as often so but still a bummer. 


I am a sucker for cool tones. I have green eyes with some blue and I think they are so pretty.  I love this Palette, it has a lot of tranistion colors, some shimmy and some matte.  It is the perfect combination and there really isn't a color I don't like. The tranistion color (1) is goregous and really nice on fair skin.

This Palette is extremely pigmented and pretty buttery.  The darks aren't patchy like Too Faced.  But you do need to use a light hand with them.  I think they blend out really nicely and just have all the colors I love! I have created so many different looks; natural, smokey and in between! 

Jaclyn Hill - Morphe Brushes - No Longer Sold

This description is to more tell you what Morphe Palettes are like.  You get a lot of colors and bang for you buck since the Palettes are around $20.  These colors are super pigmented and some of these colors are so buttery they like melt in your hand.  I love the shimmers more than the matte I think.  They have so many variations of Palettes I would highly recommend picking one up.  Its so versatile.  I love my NYX Palette but this is so nice to travel with.

If I had to pick a favorite I'd pick the NYX one just because those are all the colors I gravitate towards and the quality is pretty awesome.  I'd love to hear what products you have been loving lately! 

Spring Decor

I don't know about you but I am so ready for some warmer weather!! Now that I have my own place, I like switching out a few items in my apartment depending on the season.  So I wanted to share what I switch out and give you some inspiration ideas!

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1. Greenery - I love adding some green plants, succulents or faux plants to really liven the place up.  Here are some of my favorites! I love the white pots because of how clean it looks, but you could change out the color of the pots to add more color.  You also can go to places like At Home or Michael and make your own faux arrangement.  I just really like fake arrangements since you can keep them year round and don't have to worry about watering them!

2. Switch out your pillows - This is a super inexpensive and easy way to just change your whole room! I have been loving these recently, I clearly like geometric shapes! 

3. Decorative tray - I have a decorative tray on our coffee table and I love switching things out on it.  Wether it's candles, lanterns or what.  It's something easy to change for every season. Here is some inspiration:

4. Swap out candles - I love changing candles based on the time of year.  I love the floral and clean smells that I accociate with spring.

5. Switch out towels- Again another easy way to change the color scheme of your room! 

I really like greens, blues, whites and pinks.  This screams spring to me.  I think that adding rustic pieces is great for year round too cause with just a little tweaking the fit every season.  

So what do you do to change your decor from season to season?!

Music Monday: Vol 25

Happy Monday Friends! I hope that you're having a great start to the week.  I don't have a ton of new music this week because I've been listen to a lot of old stuff so I need some inspiration and recommendations! 

My friend Brian showed this to me back in college and I feel back in love with it.  If you like pop punk and main stream stuff, I think you'll love this! 

I really like this song off of Milky Chance's, it sounds like such a great new single and didn't disappoint me after Stolen Dance. I feel like its a little bit more upbeat, and I like it! 

I haven't heard the original song but I love Brood's remixes because sometimes I think I like them better sped up and with a little more oomph.

I've been listening to more of Cold War Kids so I was excited with their new songs that they have been putting out. I love their unique sound with the lead singer.  I dont think this song is amazing but I am a fan.

This is the first song that introduced me to Atlas Genius, I just think of junior year of college when I hear this song. I thought it was so cool, I still do.  Cant wait to see them in a week!

This song kept popping up on my playlist, it doesn't sound like typical Bad Suns at first. I felt like I had to share this with all of you, I love the techno beat that's in the background. 

This song is just so catchy, I love singing and dancing to it in the car.  They are amazing in concert and it makes me love this song even more! 

I have this album on vinyl and its just seriously such a great one to have as a record player! This is one of my favorite songs on the entire album.  If you haven't checked out his whole album you HAVE to! So soulful.