5 Books for a Sunday

There's nothing better than a good book on a Sunday afternoon.  I have been trying to cut down on my TV and phone time a lot lately and one of the things I love to do instead now is read! I've always been a bookworm but I stopped making time for it the older I've gotten.  

So I've recently dove back in and to read all my books I use Overdrive and sign in with my local library card and download books for free! Its just like having a library card where you rent out books and return them, without the fee of course.  Sometimes you have to wait for a hot item book but I don't mind the wait, there's plenty of other books to read in the meantime! 

So here are some of my latest favorites: 

This series was a real page turner for me.  It may be considered a teen book but I love easy reads that hook me early on.  As well as a modern take on the Sherlock series! All 3 books are out in the series so dive in and tell me what you think. I will say the first one was my favorite but I had to follow Jamie and Charlotte's story.

Jodi Picoult is by far one of my favorite writers, I read just about every book she has ever written.  This one is one of my all times favorites, has much more of a modern feel to it with old history.  I love that all of her stories include a trail or case and have a twist in it that I could have never predicted.  The change of narrator keeps it interesting. Highly recommend but it is a more serious read. 

Because who doesn't need to hear that they are a badass every once in a while right? There's a reason you've seen this book floating around everywhere.  If you're playing the game of comparison or self-doubt while scrolling through Instagram then do yourself a favor and grab this book.  We all need it sometimes! 

So this book is going to be made into a TV series by Reese Witherspoon's production company.  And if you liked big little lies then I think you will like this.  One of my Instagram followers gave me a warning that it has a slow start and I'd agree.  Its also a little hard to follow at first since the point of view is constantly changing but once you get the hang of it man is it good!  

There are a lot of book circling out there about affairs and stories from the "other woman's" point of view like My Husband's wife.  But I liked this one a lot, just as I felt it was getting a little dull there was a huge switch and it hooked me again.  It was more of a twisted book. Great beach read I'd say.

So tell me! What are you reading now a days and what should I check out next? I love "beach reads" where they are easy to pick up and page turners perfect for laying out at the beach with.  Some things that are on my list next are The Party, Enigma, Not that I Could Tell, The Hazel Wood and Surprise Me.  Have you read any of these?!


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