3 Products for Oily Skin that is Dry

Let me explain the title of this post. I have very oily skin.  Like extremely.  Like oil slick. Okay I think you get the point, but recently I have been put on medication for acne and it makes my skin very dry in some areas.  I have tried products aimed towards combination skin but I have found it still doesn't help the oily side of things.  Also the current change to colder weather isn't helping things either. One day when I was in Sephora, one of the workers explained to me that my skin was dehydrated and if I moisturized it better it wouldn't be so oily.  If your skin is more moisturized it doesn't have the need to produce more oil to help.  One thing I have found that works is to really moisturize my skin at night, when it does more of its healing, and then wear my regular lotion during the day. 

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way an expert in skin care.

Three products I have been enjoying are:

Bye Bye to Dry Mask: I'm sort of really digging this whole sheet mask trend.  It feels like it's working so much better for me than something that you take off because most of the time you just rub the product into your skin.  This has really helped with my dry areas!

Ultra Repair Cream: Warning, if your skin is really dry this will burn but it helps replenish the skin.  Although the parts that aren't dry will be oily immediately.  This is why I apply it at night to help my skin overall.  I wouldn't recommend wearing it during the day if you are oily.

Intense Therapy Lip Balm: LOVE THIS! It smells so good and it works so well! Maybe a little pricey but worth every single penny.

I use the Clique Dramatically Different Gel during the day, just make sure you use the one for oily skin not dry.  They look the same and I made that mistake once! And if you have a really dry patch as a spot treatment Aquaphor is the bomb!

If you are an oily skin girl/gal out there please let me know what you use! Im always looking for more stuff and I really like these brands, and I can't wait to try out more.

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