My Bucket List: 25 By 25

Welcome friends! So back in the beginning of the month I talked about how one of my goals for the year was to have so many more adventures and try new things.  Now I have never had a bucket list which is weird since I love list but I thought now was the perfect time.  I turn 25 August 2017 so I wanted to make a list of 25 things I wanted to do before I turn 25. Im hoping this gives me the push I need to live a fuller life.  And I plan on updating this list so check back and hold me accountable! 

  1. Take a cooking class - I have a secret passion for cooking
  2. Go to a museum in Cincinnati
  3. Cut my hair drastically - Change is good right? Cut 5 inches off! 
  4. Spontaneous 3 day weekend trip - Hocking Hills, and Columbus not super exciting but hey! Its something
  5. Learn to invest my money
  6. Advance my career - Recieved a raise and more job responbility! 
  7. Adopt a dog
  8. Read 25 Books ('My Husbands Secret', Whisper Beach, Girls in White Dresses, Eight Hundred Grapes, After I Do, Chasing Spring, The Last Anniversary)
  9. Take a girls trip
  10. Get a sponsored post, or collaborate on someone else's blog
  11. Go to a new city
  12. Save up for an expensive purchase
  13. Go horseback riding
  14. Throw pottery (it just always looks so cool)
  15. Redo 80% of my wardrobe Im about 40% and I feel like I should get some credit
  16. Go to a 3 Day concert - Bunbury in Cincinnati!
  17. Own a professional camera
  18. Road trip - Hocking Hills 3 hours away
  19. Make a new best friend (I think friends are so important especially close ones)
  20. Complete a 5k (with no walking)
  21. Learn to feel comfortable in my own skin
  22. Take a beach vacation
  23. Do something that scares me
  24. Volunteer
  25. Have more fun and laugh a lot more

Wish me luck! What are some items on your bucket list??