2019 Word of the Year

Do you guys pick a word of the year? I am someone who really focuses on accomplishing goals and growing each year. I love picking goals, and milestones I love to hit each year to continue the growth. But there’s just something different about the word of the year. It helps me to get into more of a mindset to smash out these goals rather than an actual goal. I feel like each year I pick a word and my year sometimes goes completely different. And you know what, Im 100% okay with that. I can’t predict how my year will go but it never hurts to set intentions and my mindset of how I want to tackle the year.

Last year’s word: Revel

This year’s word: Try

I had trouble coming up with my word for the year. I was thinking of all these things I want to accomplish, they all flashed in my mind, but most deal with going outside of my comfort zone and pushing myself to bigger and better things. I feel like last year there were so many things I wanted but they felt outside of my finger tips so I just didn’t. When I was thinking about all the things I want for myself I was trying to understand if there was anything in common and thats when it hit me. Trying something new. Now while I’m well aware this word is not ground breaking neither is the sentiment, it’s still a big deal and a big word for me.

I can see all these things I want to get to, so I might as well try. Try different things to get there, try new things and to keep trying even when something doesn’t go according to plan. Some of the goals seem silly like take most pictures of myself for the blog, but I’ve always been self conscience and then I thought, well why don’t I at least try?

So tell me! What’s your word and why did you choose it? I’d love to hear!