Music has always been my first love.

I feel most myself when at a concert (I've seen 100 bands in concert and counting) I thought I might share some of my music with you to help you get through your day, motivate you to work on whatever you need to do, or just have a dance party! I recommend putting them on shuffle, below is a little description of each. Be sure to check back often for updates to these playlists!

Sweat It out

Since I have been trying to get back into working out, one thing that helps me the most is music so I wanted to share!

Current Favorites

Songs that are either new to me, or I can't stop listening to.  There is gonna be a mix in here.

Acoustic Chill

More mellow music for when you want to relax or have more calming music.                                          

Work Grind

Chill music to help you get through your work days, with a little upbeat music thrown in there to keep you awake!

Indie pop

Upbeat music from the Indie/Alternative world (My favorite type of music and what I listen to most no matter what)

Music Monday

Playlist from my weekly Monday music favorites.

If you have any suggestions for me, shoot me an email I'd LOVE to hear them!