Skin Care for the Winter

Skin Care for the Winter

Anyone else struggling to keep their skin from freaking out in the winter? I know I am! I have super oily skin like oil slick skin but I've can tell recently that my skin is even more out of wack than usual.  So I did a lot of research and testing things out so I could give some recommendations of things that may help you! (Remember I am not a doctor/ dermatologist / esthetician /ect.)

Here are some Do's and Don't


I love this water bottle to get lemon water which helps your skin also!

I love this water bottle to get lemon water which helps your skin also!

Hydrate - With drinking TONS of water, more than usual.  You're skin is drier due to the lack of moisture in the air so we need to bring some of that back!

Also moisturizing you're skin.  Even if you are oily like me, still moisturize! This actually helps to balance your skin a little bit more and it should stop producing some much oil so it isn't compensating. I like to use a heavier moisturizer at night to replenish my skin.  This is what Im currently using.  I had an esthetician tell me that even though Im acne prone I really should be using things that are for sensitive skin.  Ive also been going organic with some of my products and I think thats really helping.  

Exfoliate - Exfoliating with help to not get clogged pores and clear off all the dead skin, here are a few of the products I've liked! 

Lip Balm- Because you're lips get dry too.  (Another sign you're not hydrated enough). PRO TIP: You can use a dry toothbrush to exfoliate your lips! 

Oil Cleaners- I like oil cleaners to take off my makeup since they are a little bit more hydrating and don't strip your skin of all natural oils making it drier. 


SPF - Yes! SPF is still needed in the winter time because the sun is still strong and you want to protect your skin.

Moisturizer Jars- If your skin is dry all over, find a moisturizer that is in a jar, anything with a pump is water or alcohol based. 

Honey Mask- Honey Mask are my new favorite thing! Honey helps to moisturize your skin and is  antibacterial, which helps fight acne.


Over Exfoliate - Your skin will hate this, just a few times a week should be all that you need! Depending on your skin it can become aggravated and either drier or more oil with too much exfoliating. 

SPF at night- Be careful that your night time moisturizer doesn't have SPF, it will clog you pores.

Laundry Sheets - If you have dry skin, or eczema, dryer sheets will aggravate you and make you itchy.

Some Products I like for the winter:

First Aid Moisturizer, Wet Skin in Shower, Bronzer to make me a little bit more sunkissed, along with highlight

What are your must have for winter time?

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