Gift Guide for Girls this Holiday

Gift Guide for Girls this Holiday

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope you're having a great day I put up a gift guide for guys last week and I wanted to follow up with a girls guide! Hopefully none of my friends read this post before then!

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for money back and Honey for automatic coupons

Gifts under $25:

1. May Designs - This is one of my favorite sites for notebooks, although I wished the notebooks came with some more pages this the perfect gift.  There are beautiful designs and you can really customize the journal/planner from the outside and the inside.  I have gifted this a few times and my friends have all loved it!

2. Starbucks Mugs - These are just the cutest! And often cheaper online although the shipping is a lot.  A mug from anywhere will do something with a cute saying or just a pretty design. I love Nordstrom and Anthropologie as well!  

3. Gift Cards - If you have a friend that you just aren't sure what to get you really can't go wrong with a gift card to Target, Nordstrom, Starbucks, or Ulta.  Sometimes I just appreciate the person that gives out gift cards because then I know I can get what I want. Its always great to get a hand written card with this or a little DIY project. I've seen thousands on Pinterest!

4. Candles or Book - Because what girl doesn't love some candles.  Bath and Body Words always has deals on candles and every scent under the sun.  I personally love the Target Signature Soy brand! Also, I myself am a pretty big book worm and some of my friends are.  I get so excited any time I get a book and know I have some me time.  Just pick up a best seller or new release!

Gifts Over $25:

1. Jewelry - Kate Spade is always a great way to go-to as well as Nordstrom BP if you are looking to not spend a ton of money.

2. Something Fitness Related - If your friend is into getting her fitness on whether its Crossfit or some yoga there are plenty of items your fitness pal maybe will want but won't buy for themselves.  A yoga mat is always nice go to no matter what type of working out they do, to stretch it out.  Or if you two have been dying to try a new place get a pass for both of you!

3. Spa Gift Card - A spa day is what every girl dreams of and this is a perfect excuse to let your friend or significant other have a day to themselves to unwind from the craziness of life.

4. Makeup - Every girl could use a high-end eye shadow pallet.  Although these may be pricey, they will be put to good use a be used for a long time!

I'm sure anything you get will be great! I love to hear what you get the girls in your life this holiday season in the comments below! Hopefully you found this list helpful!

Update on the blog

Update on the blog

Gift Guide for Guys this Holiday

Gift Guide for Guys this Holiday