My Morning Routine

Lets be real guys, this is not my every morning.  This is very few and far between but this is my ideal morning routine. 

Work out 



Favorite breakfasts


Updated Reading List

Hi everyone! I hope that you're having a great week! I recently signed up for a library card again because with overdrive, you can download basically any book you want online.  You can read it online in a browser, gets audiobooks or download it to your kindle.  Whatever works best for you!! Sometimes I have to request books, or wait for it to get off hold but Im okay with that! I have been reading SO many more books now just because they are for free and at my finger tips.  Sometimes I get a little annoyed its not tangible but hey its free!

So I wanted to share what books are currently on my reading list and why! Again, this is why I picked these books not a summary of each book. I'd LOVE to hear if you have read any or if what books you want to read! 



All The Light We Cannot See - My Grandma is a HUGE reader, and I gave this to her after hearing rave reviews.  So when she finished she gave it to me :)

The People We Hate at Weddings - Just because Im planning a wedding I thought this would be something fun.

The Nest & The Couple Next Door - Theses are two books that I kept seeing on Instagram to like "join a book club" so it sparked my interested and got on my list! 

Lily and the octopus - This one is about a dog that gets a tumor and its owner names it the octopus.  Sounds sorta sad but I also thought it would help me in my grieving pros

Commonwealth - I saw this as a recommendation on the skimm reads and I feel like they have good taste so Im excited to read it.  Sounds juicy! 

Ps. If you haven't heard of the skimm its an email you get during the work week and it short, to the point but informative.

Nonfiction (by no means educational)

Talking As Fast As I Can - I just really like Lauren Graham and Gilmore Girls so I want to see what she has to say about that! 

Uninvited - I read the back of this book in a Target and it really spoke to me, I was in a hurry so I didn't pick it up but I feel like Im ready now. It's about feeling left out, lonely and how a journey with God can help. 

Troublemaker - Leah Remini's Scientology story fascinates me and her show is back on so I have to watch.


Self Help(ish)

The Universe Has Your Back - I started this book and then life got in the way.  So Im ready to read it and take it's advice in! Ive heard nothing but great things! 

When Breath Becomes Air - This is for sure the heaviest of books on here but I have seen it being shared and books are some of the best ways to learn lesson's in my opinion. 

The Self Love Experiment -  I just really need to shake it up lately, and I feel like this book is perfect for that.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - I LOVE decluttering!! So I hope I learn more and it spreads into my every day.

Present Over Perfect - Another Instagram book, what can I say! 

Are there any that you think I should add to the list, if you'd like to hear my thoughts and reviews or do another list please let me know!! 

Wedding Update

I can't believe its been 6 months since we got engaged, and only 13 months until we get married! Thats crazy! Well I wanted to give you guys an update on how it is going.  I may have gone a little crazy the first week when we got married and book a lot of things but I have to say I did take the summer off.  My oldest sister got married Labor Day, so I wanted to make sure that all the focus was on her, but now that were are almost a year out I need to get some stuff done!

Now Im going to keep a few things a secret so that when I get married its a surprised but I'll share some things! 

I booked our venue as soon as we got engaged because its in high demand but its a fun brewery here in town pretty well known in Cincinnati. I loved it for the rustic brick look it had, all while meaning something special to us. 

Florist - Check out Katie Bloom's cause this girl is AMAZING! Im obsessed with her work and I can't wait for her to do our wedding. 

Photographer - David is the bomb, Henry got him for our engagement and I love that he captured that special moment! He's so good at what he does and really helps to make us feel comfortable! We are getting our official engagement photos done soon and it will be do fun! 

Videographer- At first I was totally against the idea but now Im sorta obsessed.  To be able to relive that day or share it with people that couldnt be there will be awesome.  But I also viewed it as our first family video.  I can't wait to be able to relive that day that meant so much, and we spent so much time on.  I also can't wait to show our kids it someday. Thats what really got me.  Check out our guy Mat, Im obsessed with his work.

So what Im currently working on is, our caterers, hotel blocks, officiant and either a band/dj!

If you guys have any advice send it my way! One of the best advice I've gotten so far is to pick something seperately thats important to you and together something thats important and go over budget on that if you need to.  To me it was the florist, for Henry it was the photographer and to us it was the venue. Even though they were pricey, they were important to us and I dont think I will regret giving them extra and trimming on some other stuff.